A beautiful physics based game where you must take control of a stranded ship in space. Your aim is to help your ship dock with its companion satellite.

From fast moving asteroids to the immense gravity of the sun. From tricky maneuvering to the unforgiving areas of space. You must prove you have what it takes to finish the journey your ship started.

11 Levels

Play up to 11 unique levels. From science-based levels to strategy-based, you are guaranteed to find new challenges in each level. More levels to be added in future updates of the game.

Online Leaderboard

Get a gold medal and you can record your fastest time on an online leaderboard. See how you rank against the rest of the world and why not aim to be the best? No logins required.

Fluid Physics

Docker uses Unity's gaming engine to power its physics movements. Realistic space physics such as collision and gravity, along with meaningful feedbacks provide an immersive gaming experience.


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