Just your average developer.
Busy thinking, designing and deploying.

Chalet Brio


Helped develop and maintain a Chalet website for a client located in the French Alps in the beautiful village of Samoens.

A modular and responsive website built using Jade, Grunt and Sass.

I handled the website's frontend and backend, as well as some aspects of its user interface.,I am continuously implementing new features to this site as this is still an ongoing project.

Found solutions beyond Frontend development

Built an advanced json based CMS that can add panels, metatags, carousels, calendars and many more.,Set up backend infrastructure for recording and mailing enquiries provided by customers. The results are saved as an XML arranged by Year>Month>Enquiry.,Wrote deployment scripts that can be run on client's machine to install the necessary libraries for testing. The script also took care of the website's build process and deployment to FTP servers.