Just your average developer.
Busy thinking, designing and deploying.



A beautiful physics based game set in space. A docking game inspired by the movie Interstellar.

Play as a rocket drifting in space filled with exotic objects!

Black holes, pulsars and many more...

Researched, designed and coded my first ever game! It is built using Unity3D with realistic physics based simulations.

Landing Page

Docker's landing web page used for marketing and distribution

I developed the game's landing web page which advertises the game itself as well as provide links to download it for Windows and MacOS.,To save players' online scores, I used a MySQL database. Then implemented an appropriate backend API using PHP to query players and save scores.

Skills Learnt:





3D Modelling

Mechanics Maths

Continuous Deployment

From 3D Modelled assets to Editing audio files, from complex Mathematical equations to setting up a backend Leaderboard; this game has taught me more skills than any other single project.