Just your average developer.
Busy thinking, designing and deploying.

Queen's Commonwealth Trust


Led the development team to rethink the new Queen's Commonwealth Trust website

A true serverless framework utilising the features provided by the Amazon Web Services

As the full stack engineer, I was responsible for the frontend and backend web development, CMS templating, building Lambda APIs and managing Jenkins deployment and AWS CloudFront configuration.

Designed and implemented an AWS solution suited to the client. While Jenkins pipelines build the web assets, Lambda functions are used to generate the html templates.,Build environments used within the CloudFront configuration work seamlessly with the local dev environments and the CMS spaces.

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Optimised to have fast load times on devices with poor internet. Images are progressive, asynchronous and scaled to fit the width of the user's device.,Caching of HTML files and assets appropriately done on the Browser, CDN and Server levels.