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Busy thinking, designing and deploying.

Tag Heuer


TAG Heuer Connected
Modular 45, Modular 43,Companion App

In Collaboration with Google, Intel, TAG and AKQA, worked on the watch software

Introduced TAG to AKQA's first ever watch-phone prototype to win the TAG pitch.,Delivered multiple POC to demonstrate ideas in fitness, location and communication.

Designed the use of Google Play Services and Bluetooth low energy for watch-phone communication

Implemented the TAG Heuer Studio and the core renderer used for rendering the 7 TAG watchfaces

Responsible for the deployment and delivery infrastructure for the Android apps.,Automated tasks for clients, designers, developers and QA.

Partnering with Intel and Google, worked in Shanghai for 10 weeks to ensure watch delivery within the Chinese market.

The only core developer still involved since the project initiation!

The TAG Referee app for The Premier League

Iterated on the Referee app to help referees keep game time on the TAG Watch. Included SDK from other premier league partners.